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Rogbid Dawn Wake-up Light Clock

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We’re confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase, but we also understand the importance of peace of mind when purchasing online or over the phone. We offer a 7-day returns policy without any reason, allowing you to send the watch back to us for a full refund(tips:keep the package intact)

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Every watch comes with a 12-month warranty. Should your watch develop any problem through no fault of your own, we will repair it free of charge for the duration of your warranty, meaning your watch will be in safe hands whenever you need us.

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Orders will be shipped out within 36 hours. And it takes about 7-20 days to arrive.

【An Alarm clock has sleep-aid Function】As a multi-function sunrise alarm clock,we have designed a variety of functions to meet different needs, Dual Alarm Clocks can set different times respectively, Sleep Aid makes you sleep more soundly, FM Radio search channels automatically or manually, Countdown Sleep until shuts down automatically, Snooze Mode help you get an extra five minutes of sleep, 15 Lighting Modes for different occasions to choose, Daily Bedside Lamp makes reading convenient, USB Charging jack is convenient to connect to the same power supply for your mobile phones.

【Wake You Up Gently with Sunrise Simulation & White Noise】When the wake up alarm goes off, the lights will gradually brighten like a sunrise, the color and brightness range from light to bright, at the same time, you could set 10 kinds of different nature alarm sounds. Alarm clock with sunrise simulation to help you gently wake up from sweet dreams.

【Your bedside lamp could be a FM Radio】The sunrise alarm clock can be used as your bedside lamp, the soft and warm light makes you sleep more soundly when fall asleep, protects your eyes when reading, and illuminates you when feeding baby. Turn on FM radio Function, expand the radio antenna, then you could choose the automatic search function which the search range is 76.0-108 MHz, or you can manually turn the "Snooze Knob" to adjust the FM frequency.

【Ideal for Gift, Put down the phone】The Sunrise Simulation is a best gifts for feeding mother, kids, students, the elderly and create a good atmosphere for various festive, such as Christmas, New Year. At the same time, it is very attractive to young people, help them put down the mobile phone in hands and spend more time to have a good rest.

【Nightlight & & Snooze supported】This alarm clock light has 7 solid color lights, 7 colorful lights and 1 sunrise simulation mode. You can choose your favorite light mode as night light with 16 adjustable brightness settings. Gentle alarm clock also has a snooze function, tap the knob on the top to enter the snooze mode, and get an extra 5 minutes of sleep, while preventing oversleeping. The music plays again after 5 minutes (unlimited) until you turn off the alarm, which is very suitable for heavy sleepers. So you have enough time to start your wonderful day.